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Tundra TRD Wheels

  Part No: PTR20-34070 Price: $205.43

TRD 16
Incorporating rugged off-road styling and just the right amount of street flare the TRD branded 16-inch off-road cast alloy wheels help give owners the extra muscle they need for serious off-highway driving adventures.

Note: 16 inch x 8 inch x 1mm offset.

This wheel has a 6 on 5.5 inch (139.7 mm) bolt circle or P.C.D. and the Center Bore is 106mm nominal. This wheel is compatible with OE 20 degree Tire Pressure Sensors (e.g. 42607-06011 TPMS and 04423-0E010 fit kit).

Must Order 1 of each per vehicle:
Tire Pressure Door Jamb Label MDC#00602-35085 for 2007 and earlier Tacoma, OR MDC# 00602-35088 for 2008 & 2009 Tacoma, AND TRD Owner s Manaul Label MDC# 00602-35061 for ALL vehicles.

This wheel is sold complete with a snap-in TRD center cap, 6 piece Lugnut Set consisting of 6 traditional TRD style 12mm Chrome Spline-Drive Conical-Seat Lugnuts with built-in swivel seat washer, and 1 Spline-Drive lugnut Tool per wheel box. Tires are not included DIO but are available through Dealer Tire.

Recommended tire (shown) is the Baja-Proven BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A LT265/70R16 M+S rated. PPO (code is L7) includes 4 wheels, 4 TPMS as needed, 4 BFG All-Terrain T/A tires (LT265/70R16 M+S), TRD center caps, spline-drive lugnuts, and TRD wheel locks.

TRD logo is laser-etched on top of each individual wheel lock. The wheel locks available for this wheel are PTR27-34061.

2000 - 2006 Sequoia
1995 - 2010 Tacoma
1999 - 2006 Tundra

  Part No: PTR38-34080 Price: $870.26

TRD 22 Aluminum Wheel
The TRD-branded, polished 22-inch forged off-road alloy wheels offer drivers a plus-size street performance upgrade, along with the higher strength-to-weight ratio—helping to keep corner weight down—that’s inherent to hot-forged aluminum wheels. Wheels feature Anthracite paint fill in the pocket and hub area and a forged center cap with TRD logo. Note: This wheel replaces or supercedes previous part number PTR38-34070. The wheels are interchangeable, however, this new part number, PTR38-34080, reflects the fact that lugnuts are NO LONGER included in this wheel box.
  • This wheel uses 14 mm TRD chrome spline-drive conical-seat lug nuts (required and sold separately as a vehicle set for DIO) Use Part number PTR27-60080. Must order 1 Owner's Manual Tire Pressure Label, MDC# 00602-35061 from the MDC for each vehicle.
  • FOR TUNDRA: Must also order 1 Tire Pressure Door Jamb Label, MDC# 00602-34080 for each vehicle.
  • FOR SEQUOIA: Must also order 1 Tire Pressure Door Jamb Label, MDC# 00602-0C080 for each vehicle.
  • FOR LAND CRUISER: Must also order 1 Tire Pressure Door Jamb Label, MDC# 00602-60085 for each vehicle.
  • PPO includes Wheels, Tires, Labels, Lug nuts, Wheel Locks, and 20 degree TPMS as needed. ALL OE Styled-Steel Wheels (on Tundras) require TPMS change (42607-0C030 TPMS for 2007 and 42607-0C050 TPMS for 2008+ plus). TPMS Fit Kit 04423-0C170 may also be required. This wheel uses 14 mm TRD chrome spline-drive conical-seat lug nuts (required and sold separately for DIO) and OE 20 degree TPMS valve stems (not included for DIO). Wheel bolt circle is 5 on 150mm P.C.D. Wheel offset is 50 mm versus 60 mm stock offset. Wheel & Tire PPO includes TRD laser-etched wheel locks.
2008 - 2010 Land Cruiser
2008 - 2010 Sequoia
2007 - 2010 Tundra

This part is on a special order status. A vin number is required when ordering because we have to supply this to Toyota so they will release the part to us.