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2013 Toyota Matrix Wheels

Part No: 00276-00901 Price: $33.62

Wheel Locks
Fits Several Models

Part No: PTR18-12003-05 Price: $11.21


Part No: PTR18-21070 Price: $230.33

Fits several models

Designed to provide owners the opportunity to upgrade factory wheels to the "big rim" look, the TRD 18-inch low-pressure cast aluminum alloy wheels feature a 5-spoke design with snap-in TRD logo center cap and matte finish black coating.

2003 - 2011 Corolla
2003 - 2010 Matrix
2005 - 2010 Scion tC
2008 - 2010 Scion xD


This 18" x 7.5" wheel has a 42 mm offset and a 5 on 100 mm bolt circle (P.C.D.) and a 54mm center bore. This wheel uses conical-seat hexagonal 19mm wrench-flat lugnuts. This TRD wheel is sold individually and includes one snap-in TRD center cap, five hexagonal conical-seat lug nuts and one 21 mm-to-19 mm adaptor tool, all in the wheel box.

DIO Requiries tire labels to be ordered from the MDC for DIO installation (one Tire Pressure Label and one Owner's manual Label per vehicle):

Tire Pressure Label MDC# 00602-52085 for Scion xD.

Tire Pressure Label MDC# 00602-02090 for 2009 Corolla and Matrix.

Tire pressure label MDC# 00107-00382 for all other models.

Owner's Manual Label MDC#00602-35061 (for all models).

Please Note: All required labels are included when wheel/tire package ordered PPO.

Part No: PTR20-52081 Price: $17.78


Part No: PTR20-52082 Price: $242.78

Fits several models

TRD 18 inch lo-pressure cast alloy wheels features a stylish 9-spoke design painted in a gunmetal grey with a bright machined rim lip edge and all clear coated for improved weather resistance. Includes snap-in center cap with classic red TRD logo. Incorporates conical-seat lug holes and designed specifically for the spline-drive tuner style lug nuts.

  • Wheel Dimensions: 18 inch x 7.5 inch x 32 mm offset, 5 on 100 mm P.C.D., 54 mm Center Bore.
  • TRD 12mm lug nut & wheel lock set (PTR27-52081) included with PPO, required and sold separately for DIO.
  • Outfitted with 225/40ZR18 92W M+S Toyo Proxes 4 Tires when installed PPO.
  • Must order 1 Owner s Manual Label (MDC# 00602-35061) and 1 Tire Pressure door jamb Label per vehicle.
  • Tire Pressure Label for 2009 Corolla/Matrix is MDC# 00602-02090.
  • Tire Pressure Label for 2010 Corolla/Matrix is MDC# 00602-02100.
  • Tire Pressure Label for Scion xD is MDC# 00602-52085.
  • These labels are available from the MDC.
  • Replacement center cap P/N is PTR20-52083.
This part is on a special order status. A vin number is required when ordering because we have to supply this to Toyota so they will release the part to us.

Part No: PTR27-52081 Price: $110.81

Fits several models

The TRD wheel installation kit is for use with all 12 mm conical seat applications. The kit includes: sixteen spline drive lug nuts with captured conical swivel washers; four conical seat 12mm puzzle-style TRD wheel locks, made from forged hardened steel and triple nickel plated for a bright durable finish; a matching puzzle key wheel lock tool; and installation tools. Each lock features a laser-etched TRD logo. Combining style, security and durability, the TRD wheel lock set includes four conical seat 12mm puzzle-style wheel locks for use with 18-inch TRD wheels. Made from forged hardened steel, they’re triple nickel plated for a bright durable finish and each lock features a laser-etched TRD logo. A matching puzzle key is included with the lock set.


12mm Lug nut vehicle SET, This kit is designed for a 5 lug wheel set. This kit comes with:

16 Spline-Drive Lug Nuts, 1 Spline-Drive Tool (21mm wrench flat), 4 TRD Wheel Locks, and 1 TRD Wheel Lock Key Tool (21mm wrench flat)

TRD Chrome, Spline-Drive, 60-degree CONICAL-SEAT lug nut SET with captured conical swivel washers. It is designed for the standard 12mm x 1.5 OE thread pitch found on almost all Toyota/Scion/Lexus vehicles. PLEASE NOTE: This kit is NOT for use with wheels designed for Flat-Seat OE style Lugnuts.